2020 Annual Report


      A Letter from Steve

Friends in Christ,

I assume that you, like me, have grown word-weary regarding 2020. Phrases like “the new normal,” “unprecedented times,” “uncertain times,” and “now more than ever” are phrases we’ve heard hundreds of times over the last year. It remains to be seen and read how, exactly, 2020 will be framed by historians.

For us, the Body of Christ, I’d like to frame it as the “Nevertheless Year.”  Nevertheless is a word we don’t think about often but we use it to draw a contrast. A thesaurus would offer us “but” or “nonetheless” or “even so” or perhaps “in spite of.”

For PCC it’s been one of those years, a "nevertheless year":

  • We had never offered an online service; nevertheless, after we were asked not to meet due to COVID, our Media Team had an excellent one ready in three days.
  • We weren’t gathered together for nearly six months; nevertheless, by a conservative count, we averaged 2,614 in online worship attendance. (By contrast, we averaged 2,100 in attendance pre-COVID.)
  • We worshiped online for nearly six months; nevertheless, the average watch time was 53 minutes during that time, which is a great credit to the faithful dedication of the people of PCC.
  • Our kids missed out on an in-building VBS experience; nevertheless, families took advantage of our VBS @ Home kits and online streams to lead their own.
  • Our children and students were limited in gathering together; nevertheless, an on-site camp experience called Masterpiece for children took place and as well as CIY Move and CIY Mix for high school and middle school students, respectively.
  • We were not gathered in worship to receive offerings; nevertheless the discipline of giving to the Lord’s work was practiced and our budget was met for 2020 as we experienced God’s faithfulness. Additionally, some $80,000 was given to the COVID-19 relief fund which assisted families in our community who were in need.
  • We were not able to meet in person for much of the year; nevertheless 73 people were baptized into Christ.
  • The angst of being isolated from one another was felt; nevertheless God brought together a group of Congolese believers who began worshiping in our building in October on Sunday afternoons.
  • We missed Home Groups gathered for encouragement and spiritual conversations; nevertheless the technology available provided us digital gatherings by which we could stay relationally connected.

How we praise God for a year we could never have predicted, yet a year that we experienced God’s faithfulness and were reminded of the essentiality, joy, and beauty of being the church gathered, large groups or small, for the glory of Christ.

Thank you for playing a role in our church family. There will always be challenges in our life together, but I trust we will always – both corporately and individually – be a "nevertheless" people.

After all, that’s exactly what our God is like. It’s a negative, shifting, unpredictable, and harsh world we live in; nevertheless the Gospel continues to do its work as we love people to new life in Christ.

Blessings to you all,






Baptism Sunday


"I'm not proud of all of the decisions I've made, but I know all of them led me to this. This is the right decision." 

Loving All People to New Life in Christ

In every life there are a few watershed moments where everything changes. Something happens, and life is never the same. Sometimes, the moments are shocking: your spouse serves you with divorce papers; the doctor says the word ‘cancer’; the boss says ‘we’re letting you go’; you hear a voice on the other end of the phone say, ‘I’m sorry, she’s gone.’ Other times, the moments are planned: you walk across the stage and receive a diploma; your bride walks down the aisle toward you; you hear the first cry of your newborn child; you walk out of the office for the last time. The memories of those moments are etched into your mind forever. You’ve crossed a dividing line. Life will never be the same.

At Plainfield Christian Church, we’re in the business of witnessing watershed moments. Our purpose as a church is Loving All People to New Life in Christ. Everything we do is oriented toward the goal of helping people to cross a dividing line, to enter more deeply into a brand new kind of life with Jesus. Last year, we were thrilled to witness 73 people experience watershed moments with Jesus, being born again to new life. 2020 was a powerful reminder that these watershed moments aren’t something manufactured by human power or orchestrated by our clever ideas. We say with Paul that we are “…not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believe…” (Romans 1:16). 

As a church, we are entering 2021 boldly expecting hundreds more of these watershed moments to come. So, will you join us this year for the One Challenge? Will you choose one person and pray for them, eat with them, and ask to hear their story? Then, will you have the boldness to share the love of Jesus with them this year? God has great plans in store for our community. We believe that if you join us in The One Challenge, 2021 can be a watershed moment for your life and for our church. By faith, we anticipate that one day thousands of people in Hendricks County will look back on 2021 as a watershed moment in their relationship with Jesus. So, in 2021, will you love someone to new life in Christ?





Impacting homes by opening ours. This simple phrase is our vision for reaching our community in a lost and broken world. Who would have thought that 2020 would create a need for our homes to become the center of almost all activity for an extended period of time? While the circumstances surrounding the year created unexpected strain, we believe that God placed this vision on the hearts of our leaders to prepare us for a season such as this.


We were excited to see this vision continue to take shape in the areas outlined below, and we're hopeful that 2021 will offer even more opportunity to open our homes and lives to the people around us.

Home Groups


As we see in the book of Acts, the early church gathered in two ways: large groups (temple courts), and small groups (house to house). At Plainfield Christian Church we value the importance of the small group gathering through Home Groups. These are communities of 8-12 people who meet regularly in homes to practice the six habits we find in Acts 2:


Eating Together

Being in Community

Practicing Hospitality

Sharing & Being in Fellowship

Having Spiritual Conversations

Praying Together


A Home Group is a place where believers grow in their faith and do life together. PCC is a large church. The way to feel truly connected to a church of our size is to be involved with a smaller group of people. We believe the best way to do that is to become involved in a Home Group.


Currently, we have 55 Home Groups at PCC with over 500 people involved.


To say this past year has been interesting for Home Groups would be an understatement. As the pandemic set in, and restrictions went into effect, we wondered what impact this would have on our Home Groups.  I was more than thrilled that most all of our groups embraced new and different formats for meeting. Some met using online platforms. Some met in large outdoor spaces. Others continued to connect via text, email, and phone calls. The overall impression was that people of all different ages and life circumstances involved in Home Groups, value their group and the role other group members are playing in their lives. The individuals involved in our current Home Groups are growing in their faith and doing life together.


As we look forward to 2021, we are excited to see the development of new Home Group leaders and to provide new Home Group launches in the spring and the fall of 2021. We are also anticipating that ALL of our groups can begin to meet in person once again. But mostly, we are praying that, as people draw closer to God and each other, they will be inspired to share the love of Jesus to the people around them.


We pray that Home Groups will be a resounding echo of the words that Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 2:8, “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”



Home Groups






Peter is so clear when he urges those who follow Jesus; “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). The reason for such an appeal has already been stated by Peter in his first letter to followers of Jesus; “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect" (1 Peter 3:15).


At the heart of our vision at PCC, Impacting Homes by Opening Ours, we need to be a people who can be hospitable not only in our lifestyles but in our faith as well. This is why we see EquipU being such a dynamic asset in how we pursue our vision. The content of EquipU is focused on helping us all understand and articulate why we believe and what we believe. The goal is to have a deepened relationship with God and the ability to communicate truth in a respectable way into a culture desperate for Jesus. EquipU can be completed over a two year period by completing four sequential tracks.


In 2021 we will be launching Tracks 3 and 4. This means that by the end of this year our first cohort will graduate from the program! We are anticipating many more to register and begin EquipU. Being an online ministry resource, many were able to engage with EquipU in spite of COVID. We are thrilled with the convenience this online platform has provided for our people to study and interact with other students in the same cohort. When we envision all of our people at PCC taking advantage of this online resource, we are quickly encouraged by the fact that our ability to advance the Kingdom as a community will greatly increase.






Discipleship Pathway

Starting Point

Starting Point continues to be our first step in connecting with our guests. Those who attend this gathering after a worship service get to meet Steve, Luke, and the Adult Ministries Team. This event provides the chance to get to know our guests and allows them to ask us questions as we present the pathway for them to become more involved at PCC. We are eager to get Starting Point back on the schedule in a regular fashion this year.



Before COVID, we were able to graduate another class through Engage where several more people made the decision to become partners of PCC. Engage seeks to help those who are ready to become involved at PCC by walking through the mission that God has for His Church and the vision that He’s given to PCC. We all have a part to play in the advancement of the Church, and we are excited to get back in the rhythm of offering this course.




Kids & Students


2020 presented a unique set of challenges when trying to plan a large event like Vacation Bible School. In the midst of these “unprecedented times” our team saw an opportunity to make an impact on our community in ways that we had never been able to do through traditional VBS! We developed VBS @ Home. This was VBS in our very own backyards which encouraged families to invite neighbors and friends to join them for a week of discovering who Jesus is.


During this week of VBS @ Home we offered an in-home kit that included craft activities, memory verse activities, and video resources that by the end of the week, would lead our families to “always keep looking to Jesus.” Our volunteer teams packed each VBS @ Home box and helped distribute them to families. In the weeks leading up to VBS, we offered VBS @ Home box pick up at 4 different neighborhoods in our community and at PCC; we also had a delivery team that delivered boxes to homes in the surrounding counties. Our volunteers stepped up to this challenge and jumped in head first!


While this wasn’t a typical week of VBS, we believe God used our efforts and this model to make a great impact on the families in our community and gave many of our PCC families the opportunity to share who Jesus is with their neighbors. This modeled the church vision of “Impacting Homes by Opening Ours.”  As we begin to prepare for VBS in 2021, we are excited to use what we learned this last year to invite our neighbors and our community to see what God is doing. We hope we can continue to help the families of PCC find ways to share the love of Jesus with their neighbors through VBS whether it is in the church building or not!














"While this wasn’t a typical week of VBS, we believe God used our efforts and this model to make a great impact on the families in our community and gave many of our PCC families the opportunity to share who Jesus is with their neighbors."


 with GNPI

We partnered with GNPI to translate The Jesus Story, a series of Bible stories for children, into the Norwegian language. Our offering goal was $8,050, but we raised $8,985. Approximately four percent of Norway is Christian, so these videos will introduce many children to Jesus for the first time. 


Middle School





This was my first summer since being able to go to First Chance Camp as an 8-year-old that I missed camp. No late nights by the campfire, canteen breaks, or pretending to forget your Bible just to feel air conditioning for a few moments. Camp is special, but it is simply a tool to teach kids about the loving grace of Jesus.  So in the midst of a crazy summer, we thought, “Hey, let’s do camp at church.” This year we partnered with CIY to put on Mix/At.  

Mix/At was a three-day event where we focused on the Holy Spirit’s work in our life. We had wild games, interactive worship experiences, teaching from the word, small group time, lots of food, and so much more. We had 60 middle school students participating in the weekend as well as 20 adults. After many months of separation and zoom meetings, we got to experience church together, in one place.

To name a highlight of the weekend would be difficult. The one area that always sticks out to me is seeing our volunteers and students spending time together. It can be easy to underestimate the value and impact of spending time with the next generation in order to lead them towards Jesus.

So for 2021 we are praying for a return to normalcy, but if not, God's Kingdom work will continue. 



High School



If I could summarize this past year in one word it would be “unexpected.” No one could have predicted the events that would take place and the impact it would have upon us all. And yet, in the midst of difficult times and forced slowing of schedules, many were able to take a step back and begin to see how God was still at work in their lives and the lives of those around them. This is the prevailing motto for CIY: Kingdom work never stops! The message that our 88 students and 23 adult leaders heard during our weekend retreat was this: "Kingdom work isn’t cancelled. Every moment counts and every interaction is an opportunity for God to use you. God has equipped you for this, prepared you for service, and your creativity can still impact the world. It’s time to get to work.”  During this time God was revealing to us the importance and impact each one of us can have in the midst of struggle. Over and over again, our students and leaders were reminded of just how very important community and connection is in the midst of trial and suffering. 


These are not new revelations. We have always known that connection has played a significant role in the spiritual development of teens and individuals. As social distancing and mask wearing grew more common, we simply became more aware of our need for one another and for God. And while our “gatherings” changed, the desire to gather didn’t. We, as leaders, had to begin to re-evaluate priorities and begin taking an innovative look at what ministry was, is, and what will be for the future. So as we look ahead, here is what we will be focusing on this year—Impacting Homes by Opening Ours. Through D- Groups we will continue to create and re-invent safe, welcoming places for teens to connect, discuss faith and cultural beliefs and issues, and to practice spiritual habits. We will also continue to partner with parents, providing resources and encouragement as they disciple and lead their families. And above all, we will continue to seek and serve God as He leads us this year.




Global & Local Impact

The Global Impact and Local Impact ministries at Plainfield Christian Church advance our mission of Loving All People to New Life in Christ. Globally, this is done through sending missionaries and partnering with ministries that reach lost people around the world. Locally, we care for the physical needs of people in our community while working to connect them to the church and also partner with great community organizations. 

Last year, the world faced unprecedented challenges, but we saw God work through Global Impact Partners in amazing ways. GNPI helped a church in India start an online service. This took their attendance from fifteen hundred on Sundays to a quarter of a million online. Lifeline Christian Missions’ medical ministry in Honduras was the only clinic in their entire region that continued to operate during the worst part of the pandemic. Through all of this, church partners in Ghana and Mexico also continued to share stories of baptisms and changed lives. 

Our church also had opportunities to care for people in our community in amazing ways. This was mainly accomplished through the COVID-19 Relief Fund, which allowed us to support families and partner with community organizations during the most difficult of times. 

This was all possible because of your generosity and faithful prayer support. We know that God will continue to move in great ways in 2021. We look forward to sharing more ways that you can join us in impacting the world and the community. 





Global Impact


Global Impact Partners


Percentage of 195 Countries

Served on Earth in 2020


Given to Global Impact Partners & Projects


Lifeline Meal Packing Event Volunteers


Lifeline Meal Packing Event Meals


Global Impact Story

We partner with Team Expansion to support a team of church planters working to reach an unreached Muslim people group in East Africa. Here is a story they sent us. 


“We were led to a woman of peace. She had two children that were very sick. We shared the Gospel with her, but had to leave for another appointment. We later returned to visit her and she told us about a dream she had. In this dream, she saw a man in a white robe holding a scepter. He offered her several keys, but she refused them. In response, we shared the full message of the Messiah with her, to which she responded in faith and repented. During another visit, she had the same dream about the man in the white robe with the scepter, but this time she accepted the keys. She then asked us to pray for her. We prayed with her and her two children were healed within days. After all that, her two older children returned to her after being estranged for over a year. This woman has experienced persecution from her family and some neighbors, but is still going strong in the way of the Messiah. We follow up with her regularly."

Global Impact Trip to Mexico

Can you imagine what it would be like if you lived four hours away from the nearest hospital? What would you do if you had a chronic illness? What would you do if your kids got sick? 

That’s what life is like for the people of Sandia, a rural town in the mountains of northern Mexico.

I traveled to this town with a team of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals from Plainfield Christian Church in mid-February. We partnered with Antonio and Jenny Gomez, some of our missionaries, to put on a medical clinic. Antonio and Jenny have been leading teams of Mexican medical professionals from their church to this area for several years, but our team was the first from the United States.

My favorite moment of the week took place on the first day. An older woman visited the clinic in the morning and was so pleased she brought her one hundred and eight-year-old mother back in the afternoon. She wheeled her mother into the church and everything stopped. Everyone stood up to greet this woman and our team gathered to help her. She was worried her heart was failing, so we took her blood pressure and listened to her heart. Everything was fine. We checked a few other things and talked to her for a while. I asked, “What’s your secret to long life?” She said, “Never eat anything from a can.” Before she left, she sang us an old Christian song in Spanish and said, “I’m one hundred and eight years old. Never stop following Jesus!” I thought that was pretty good advice. 

All in all, our team was thrilled to be able to provide care and encouragement for people in great need.

I am personally thankful for our team, Jim VanCuren, Tod Thompson, Lisa Lemons, Bobbie Sweeney, and Kim Longoria, our partners, Antonio and Jenny Gomez, our translators, José, Josué, and Danny, and the families who housed us and made us such amazing Mexican food while we stayed in Sandia.





Local Impact

Local Partners


$100 Difference Gift Cards Distributed



Thursday Night Community

Meals Served


COVID-19 Relief Fund














Last year, our community faced unprecedented need. We started the COVID-19 Relief Fund to meet that need. We were able to provide food, shelter, and other essentials to struggling families in our community. We also partnered with other organizations, like the Town of Plainfield Resident Assistance Program, to serve the community in a greater way. Early last year, a young woman called and said, “I do not want to be pregnant and homeless with this virus going around. Can you help in any way?” We were able to say “yes” because of your generosity.

Banyamulenge Service

For more than a year, a family from Democratic Republic of Congo faithfully attended our church. Several families from their tribe, called the Banyamulenge, moved to our area during that time, so they asked our leadership if they could host a worship service in their language in our building. Their first service took place on November 1, 2020. Global Impact Minister Riley Weaver said, “During worship, I closed my eyes and forgot I was in Plainfield. It sounded like I was in Africa.” Approximately fifty people now attend this service. This group may worship in a different language, but they are part of our church family. We look forward to partnering with them to Love All People to New Life in Christ.

 Plainfield Community

 Thanksgiving Meal 

Each year, a team from Plainfield Christian Church leads the Plainfield Community Thanksgiving Meal. Last Thanksgiving, they provided 1,914 meals—more than ever before. One hundred and fifty-two volunteers did all cooking, cleaning, and delivering meals to make the event possible.

The $100 Difference

"I gave the $100 gift card to a single mom, who has a wonderful, loving daughter. They have been going through a very hard year. I felt blessed to be able to give this family a helping hand. I see the wonderful things this wonderful lady does not just for her daughter, but by taking a lady in who just lost her husband and had nowhere to live. I know God is moving her in the right direction." 



"We decided we wanted to bless someone random with the $100 difference. We know the service industry has been hit hard during the pandemic, so we decided to give the card to our server at a restaurant. We began praying as a family that God would lead us to the right person. As Dee Dee took our drink order we told her we would be praying for our meal and would like to pray for her as well so be thinking of something we could pray about for her. When she came back, I asked her if she had a prayer request. She asked us to pray for her children (ages 2 and 8) and that God would bless her so she could provide a nice Christmas for them. We prayed that for her and thanked God for answering our prayer to lead us to the right person to share His blessings with."




In-Person Worship Attendance

Average Weekly Adult Worship Service Attendance Pre-COVID


Average Weekly Adult Worship Service Attendance Post-COVID


Average Weekly Children Pre-COVID



Average Weekly Children Post-COVID



Average Weekly Students Pre-COVID



Average Weekly Students Post-COVID





*Includes multiplier to account for families 








2020 Budget

















Digital Community





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New Users


Looking Ahead for 2021

I trust you have been encouraged as you’ve read our 2020 Annual Report. God always grants us reasons to rejoice in Him, regardless of life conditions. He simply is a “nevertheless” kind of God who is not limited by anything.

As we move forward spending time this year with John, “Jesus’ best friend,” I want to continue presenting before you The One Challenge. I know there are reasons you may give for not taking the charge seriously. But I want to remind you that God is able to take whoever is willing and available and use them for His glory in influencing people for entrance into the Kingdom of God.

You may say, “I’m not spiritual enough;” nevertheless, God will use your lack to bring someone to Him. He used an clueless, immoral woman he met at a well to get others to Jesus.

You may say, “I don’t know enough;" nevertheless, God will take what you DO know and use it. When a former blind man who didn’t understand Jesus' miracle was pushed to deny the Lord, he simply stated his testimony, “I once was blind, but now I see.”

You may say, “I don’t know where to start;” nevertheless, be like Paul who asked, “Pray for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me.”

You may say, “I might say something wrong;” nevertheless, Jesus promised, “I will be with you always.”

You may say, “What if I can’t answer something I’m asked?” You will be stumped at times; nevertheless, we’ve been charged, “Always be prepared to give an account for the hope that you have.” So let’s be diligent about being well prepared.

You may say, “I really don’t know any unbelievers.” Nevertheless, Jesus said, “I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.” (The least we can do is buy someone a cup of coffee, a lunch, invite them into our homes for sake of spiritual conversations about Jesus.)

The bottom line, my friends, is that we have been challenged by the words of the Master Himself who said to a man He healed, "Go... to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.”

Will you?






2020 in Review

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